SageTV Releases a new beta – 6.4.2

SageTV released a new beta of their product last night. I upgraded this morning. So far so good, one item of interest is that tweakers of the interface can now make the whole thing exportable! Their studio application now allows for STVi auto creation. This might reduce the need for the Dynamic Menu plugin.



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  1. Noah Oliphant on


    Thanks for posting your experiences with SageTV. I’m about to start building a SageTV system. Would you consider helping me to make sure my planned system will work? In particular I’d like to hear your experiences using the Paterson device to control multiple H20 HD DirecTV boxes. Thanks in advance,

  2. bcjenkins on

    Hi Noah, I have never used the PatersonTech devices with H20s. I had D11 boxes when I had DirecTV. They worked flawlessly though.

    The trickiest part was getting my BAFO USB to serial adapters to line up on the same TTY after reboot. If you need help with the scripts for udev rules, please let me know.


    PS – I assume we’re speaking of Linux here.

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