Goodbye iguanaIR, hello CommandIR II

After becoming very frustrated with the lack of support from IguanaWorks, I have decided to replace their device with the internal unit from CommandIR.

The Iguana device had been working great when I was running 2 tuners. After adding the 3rd tuner/DCT700 cable box to the mix, I could not get it to work. I opened a ticket with Iguana and I get the impression my issue is not high enough on their priority list to address. As a result I would NOT recommend this company to anyone to do business with.

Stay tuned for CommandIR feedback. I selected their new internal version and am looking forward to the install. I need to have all my tuners operational before the kickoff of the new TV season!


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  1. anonymous on

    I too had kind of a crummy experience with Iguana. I had my serial adapter working just fine with mythtv .21, but when I added a new frontend and transferred the receiver to that machine I ran into problems. I e-mailed their support, and once again got no response.. I’m currently looking for other solutions, that are reasonably priced.

  2. bcjenkins on

    I would completely recommend CommandIR-II. My experience has been great, no issues encountered. Interestingly I received an email from them on my post: Thanking me for my words and if I needed anything they were there.

    Sometimes paying a little bit more for a higher quality and better service is worth it.

    Good luck!


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