Mining your data from an iPhone, on the cheap

I was working on an iPhone today whose owner had their computer stolen and a misplaced backup drive. Pulling contacts off is a non-issue but if you want pics or music not so easy. I am writing the steps here more for my memory, but I also hope it helps someone out there too.

  1. Get Senuti. The latest beta supports pulling music from an iPhone.
  2. Get DiskAid to copy off the photos.
  3. Get Keith Wiley’s iPod Photo Reader
  4. Use Automator to convert photos from pict to jpg or whatever.

Of course the steps could use some expansion, but it’s not too hard to figure out. –b

PS – If you just want your data without the hassle and $20 bucks is worth it to you, click here. Their demo will watermark your pics, but you can try before you buy.


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  1. Andy on

    I use CopyTrans to backup all the iPod and iPhone data. It’s pretty cool. You can transfer all your Songs, videos, podcasts, subscriptions, artworks, audiobooks, playlists, play counts, ratings, etc.

    You just need to:
    – download it:
    – Open it and plugg your iPod,
    – Select what you want to import to iTunes or PC,
    – And finally, click the “Backup to iTunes” or “Backup to folder” button.

    All your data is back on your iTunes library! Cool!

    To backup and manage the iPod and iPhone photos I use CopyTrans Photo:

    I don’t have to sync my photos with a folder before transferring them to my iPhone! I only have to dragg them directly to it!

    Well, I hope this helps….

  2. bcjenkins on

    Thanks for the info for the PC users. Inexpensive, but not free.

  3. Pia on

    I tried the CopyTrans Photo soft to recover my photos after a PC crash. I only had the photos on the iPod and needed a way to recover them. CopyTrans Photo was just the best dollars spent! It recovered all my photos. Just great!!!!

  4. bcjenkins on

    Good for you, not sure what this has to do with recovering photos, music on a Mac though. Folks, I’d like to respect everyone’s right to publish non-spam comments even if off topic. (Off topic is solely determined by me, blog owner) However, I am not a testimonial site for CopyTrans Photo. Further comments regarding such will be deleted. Please stay on topic.

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