Conversion to ArchLinux 64 bit

Over the weekend I decided to migrate from Ubuntu 64-bit to ArchLinux 64-bit. My reasoning was fairly simple. ArchLinux is designed to be a Linux distro which only includes what you need to run and you add on what you want to run.

My server sits in a dark room in the basement and all management is carried out via SSH on the console. As such I don’t make use of X, KDE/Gnome, and other packages. I also don’t want all of it installed for me either. When I finished the total footprint for the install was only 460MB!

The problem with running 64-bit is that SageTV is a 32-bit program. You need to install required 32-bit libraries for the application to function. Suffice it to say there is a solution and all the juicy details are after the break.


I began installing 32-bit libraries via the pacman interface and after a few files, LDD was still not working right. In my search for the answer I stumbled upon a new project in the developer list. It seems that it is meeting with some resistance due to ArchLinux’s approach to the 64-bit OS, but I agree with its principles. Determined to make use of this, I uninstalled all previously installed libraries, added multilib to my repositories, and pulled down the 3 required libraries for SageTV to function. (glibc, gcc, zlib)

There are other libraries which are missing from the multilib repository. They are

I have sent a note to Thomas asking for instructions on setting up the compile environment. Hopefully, I will be able to add them soon.


2 comments so far

  1. jason on

    so were you running 64-bit ubuntu w/ sage? and if so, how did you get that to work? I’ve tried but to no-avail.

  2. bcjenkins on

    Hey Jason, I’d be more than happy to help you out on that. Check out the user to user forums at SageTV


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