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Comchecker A Comskip Script for Linux and OS X

Greetings TV junkies. I have recently made an update to my bash script used for executing Comskip under Wine in Linux and OS X.

Comskip scans H264 and Mpeg-2 files for commercial segments and outputs the information into a variety of formats for use in a number of PVR and encoding applications. Personally, I use SageTV under Linux and would recommend it whole-heartedly.

The improvements in this version of the script include the ability to change the number of total processes allowed to run based on file type. This is useful as H264 commercial detection takes more resources than Mpeg-2.

The comments in the script should provide enough guidance for usage.

Download here.



AIM Express – Another great use of my WebView app

AOL released a new version of AIM Express to beta this week. Because it is a web application written in Adobe Flash, it runs great inside of WebView.

WebView is a WebKit (Safari) based page viewer which is configurable to load a single web page. I wrote this application to be able to tune into AOL Radio when it became available in Safari/WebKit. You can grab it here. Link to AIM Express is:

One of these days I’ll add back in the keyboard shortcuts for paste (if anyone besides me uses this thing) but for now use ctrl-click or right click in the preferences dialog to paste it in. WebView has been updated to version .2 to include Tiger support.


Mining your data from an iPhone, on the cheap

I was working on an iPhone today whose owner had their computer stolen and a misplaced backup drive. Pulling contacts off is a non-issue but if you want pics or music not so easy. I am writing the steps here more for my memory, but I also hope it helps someone out there too.

  1. Get Senuti. The latest beta supports pulling music from an iPhone.
  2. Get DiskAid to copy off the photos.
  3. Get Keith Wiley’s iPod Photo Reader
  4. Use Automator to convert photos from pict to jpg or whatever.

Of course the steps could use some expansion, but it’s not too hard to figure out. –b

PS – If you just want your data without the hassle and $20 bucks is worth it to you, click here. Their demo will watermark your pics, but you can try before you buy.

Comchecker Script for Mac and Linux

I have recently updated the ComChecker script to work on the Mac and Linux platforms using the appropriate bash syntax for both platforms.

Download the script or the OS X application below.

ComChecker Script

OS X App

Web View .1

I wrote a little webkit cocoa app to enable you to display a web page
in a single application window. It is not meant to be a browser
although it could function like one in a crippled way. There are no
navigational controls, etc. What got me started on this was AOL’s
release of the new AOL radio channels. The new player is supported in
webkit/Safari so it was very easy. If you use an application like
Airfoil to push audio to Airport Express units, this allows you to
separate the web radio feed from normal browser sounds.

Other options might be a persistent web IM application, web form for
logging info, etc., that you don’t want to tie to a full web browser
and other uses that might happen in it. I removed most of the menu
functions, but preferences work to change the url and window size is
remembered. The default page is my blog site, but I would recommend
checking out as well. If
you’ve never used Airfoil, I would recommend it too.

Grab it here