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At the end of the day – It’s all about service

In case you’ve been wondering, and I know you are all very concerned about this; CommandIR shipped me a replacement module which has solved my issues. It was simple to plug it in and have it work with Jaunty. They have great install instructions on their site as well. Thanks CommandIR!


Lirc Round Two

Do you collect miscellaneous computer parts? Sometimes they actually come in handy! I found a HP eHome transceiver in my bin and hooked it up to the server and I now have 2 set top boxes firing again. It relieves some of the familial pressure, but I need to get all four set top boxes in rotation. Fortunately most of the recorded programming is OTA high definition, though.

I did receive a response back from CommandIR this morning, and I responded with an invitation to work together over the phone, irc, instant messaging, chat and any other form of real time communication I could think of. Let’s see if they respond favorably.

Trouble with CommandIR

Unfortunately my Command IR II Internal has decided to go on the fritz. I have been working, VERY SLOWLY, with the CommandIR support person who will only deal via email even though I have called in as well.

In order to troubleshoot this problem I have installed multiple versions of Linux distributions and followed their instructions to the letter. I am now in search of another IR Blaster which doesn’t have SLOW or poor support options. This is a drastic difference compared to the comments they sent me last year when I purchased the unit and posted about it on this blog.