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Hello there, it’s been a while..

Hi there blogosphere, I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things have, as of late, been running really well with SageTV but there’s been quite a few changes.

SageTV is in RC stages of its 6.5 version of the product. The biggest change for this version is the addition of their new HD-200 product support. This device is capable of playing back internet, local network, and SageTV fed content at resolutions of up to 1080p via component or HDMI. The internet and local aspects do not require the use of SageTV’s server component. I’ll go into more detail in a separate post. My home setup now has 6 HD extenders for watching TV. I recently removed my last PC being used for playback.

Aside from firmware issues which plague Windows users as well, my HDPVR has been running well in Linux. This device allows you to capture TV from component outputs up to 1080i on your cable or sat provider set top box. There are a few minor things to tweak when building the drivers. I will go into more detail, you guessed it, in a separate post.

HVR-1600 drivers have never been better! I use 3 of these PCI cards to capture OTA HD signals and standard definition cable box channels. I’ll cover recent changes in a separate post shortly. If you have this card, you’ll want to do a pull from v4l-dvb’s mercurial!

Lastly, in the next few days I will be setting up a method to automatically convert my favorite TV shows to iPod Touch format and mark chapters at commercial break points. The TV shows will be downloaded into iTunes via an RSS feed from a server on my local network. I’ll document the process and provide the scripts make this work.

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ComChecker for Linux

I am releasing ComChecker version .3c for Linux. This version is the same as what is used in the Mac component except that the variables are defined in the script instead of a separate preferences file. I have just started using this on my own server and all is well. The code is after the break and be careful of the line wrapping..

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ComChecker v.3

I am making available version .3 of ComChecker. This is a complete re-work of the system done in AppleScript Studio. It uses a bash script to run the processing, a prefs file for bash preferences, and the Apple defaults system for ComChecker application autostart setting.

To make use of this, you will need Darwine and Erik’s comskip. Feedback is welcome but due to the underwhelming response I received for private testers, not likely.

I am not likely to carry on development from this point as I have not had an adequate interest in this tool. However, I am willing to work on bugs. This was tested on my MacBook Pro, which is not my SageTV server. I do not know how it will work on live TV files, but it works in my testing on existing and dropping in of files to the TV directory. ComChecker v.3


PS – Make sure you set your comskip.ini options and edit the bash prefs (Options button) before clicking the start button in the application.

ComChecker – Comskip for the Mac

I put together an application package of a script I wrote which runs comskip under wine on the Mac. You can download the application from here. BTW – I built the application in Platypus, very cool little app.

To use, you’ll need wine for OS X and download Erik’s Comskip. Configure locations of applications and other settings with the included Applescript.