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Linux HD PVR drivers now merged to V4L-DVB Tree

Janne’s HD PVR driver has been merged into the V4L-DVB tree. This means it will go into the mainline kernel and into distros as they are updated. Thanks to Janne and all the testers for their work in getting the device to a usable state! The release notes are below.

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HD-PVR driver in Linux updated to support AC3

The development tree for the Hauppauge HD-PVR driver in Linux was recently updated to include AC3 support for the device.

“Adds support for AC3 as audio codec. Only available with firmware released
in August 2008.”

This suggests the new driver/firmware has been released but it is not locateable on Hauppauge web site. It should be immenent though. Looks like it is time to re-compile the driver! Point your Mercurial tools here for a clone.

HD-PVR/HVR-1600 32-bit Compatibility fixed!

User trueno on the SageTV forums posted this patch which adds full ioctl support for a 32-bit software package running with these 64-bit drivers in Linux. If you have both devices like I do, I would suggest the following implementation:

  1. ~#>hg clone
  2. ~#>cd hdpvr
  3. ~#>hg pull
  4. ~#>hg merge
  5. ~#>hg commit
  6. ~#>wget -O
  7. ~#>unzip sage64.patch
  8. ~#>cat sage64.patch | patch -p1
  9. ~#>hg merge
  10. ~#>hg commit
  11. ~#>make menuconfig #select/deselect the options
  12. ~#>make
  13. ~#>sudo make install
  14. ~#>sudo reboot

Have fun. In testing HVR-1600s do not throw dmesg errors and I haven’t hooked the hd-pvr back up to Linux yet –b

HD-PVR Drivers for Linux

Today is pretty exciting. Janne Grunau has posted his driver source for the new HD-PVR in linux. Now the question is, will I risk WAF points for testing bleeding edge? What do you think 😉


Check out it out via Mercurial at