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Mining your data from an iPhone, on the cheap

I was working on an iPhone today whose owner had their computer stolen and a misplaced backup drive. Pulling contacts off is a non-issue but if you want pics or music not so easy. I am writing the steps here more for my memory, but I also hope it helps someone out there too.

  1. Get Senuti. The latest beta supports pulling music from an iPhone.
  2. Get DiskAid to copy off the photos.
  3. Get Keith Wiley’s iPod Photo Reader
  4. Use Automator to convert photos from pict to jpg or whatever.

Of course the steps could use some expansion, but it’s not too hard to figure out. –b

PS – If you just want your data without the hassle and $20 bucks is worth it to you, click here. Their demo will watermark your pics, but you can try before you buy.