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Web View .1

I wrote a little webkit cocoa app to enable you to display a web page
in a single application window. It is not meant to be a browser
although it could function like one in a crippled way. There are no
navigational controls, etc. What got me started on this was AOL’s
release of the new AOL radio channels. The new player is supported in
webkit/Safari so it was very easy. If you use an application like
Airfoil to push audio to Airport Express units, this allows you to
separate the web radio feed from normal browser sounds.

Other options might be a persistent web IM application, web form for
logging info, etc., that you don’t want to tie to a full web browser
and other uses that might happen in it. I removed most of the menu
functions, but preferences work to change the url and window size is
remembered. The default page is my blog site, but I would recommend
checking out as well. If
you’ve never used Airfoil, I would recommend it too.

Grab it here